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Dream.US, a college access and achievement program for immigrant youth, and Golden Door Scholars and Equal Opportunity for Education, two scholarship programs for immigrant youth, and Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. $100 million college loan program for action. (DACA) and Temporary Protection Status (TPS) recipients who want to receive vocational training but cannot access government loan programs because of their immigration status.


Launched as a pilot with TheDream.US in 2021, this first-of-its-kind impact mutual fund aims to provide loans to more than 1,000 scholarship recipients to help them achieve economic and social mobility. . Dreamers receiving financial assistance through the fund have access to loans with interest rates that are offered to US citizens through the federal government’s Direct Plus Loan program. Graduates with professional degrees in fields such as business, education, medicine and law can find well-paying jobs in fields that are hungry for new talent and different perspectives.

Student welfare is our top priority. Therefore, the program is designed to ensure that dreamers pursuing graduate programs take out only manageable loans to achieve their career goals.

How it works

Students referred by Dream.US, Golden Door Scholars, and Equal Chance for Education apply for loans. They receive financial training and support throughout the process. Over time, as more students graduate and pay off, they build a payback history that helps attract low-cost capital to finance more loans for future students.

Notice on the Dreamers Graduation Credit Program website

All information is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as investment advice or advice to trade in any securities or investments. If you have any questions about this website or the information on the website, please contact Social Finance.

Project partners

TheDream.US, Golden Door Scholars, and Equal Chance For Education connect students with credit programs.

Funding U processes student applications and issues loans.

Social finance raises and manages funds to achieve the best outcomes for students.

Initiation Service is a credit manager.

Project Supporters

Donald Graham, the Pershing Square Foundation, and other influential investors and philanthropists provide equity and money-back guarantees for the project.

Social Finance’s project design efforts were generously supported by the Ford Foundation.

Student personal loan

Customer segment

This product was developed to provide financial assistance to students enrolled in higher education programs. Currently, MCB Bank has partnered with Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) and provides personal student loans to all MBA and Executive MBA students in the university.


Minimum 21 and maximum 45 at the time of loan sanction/first trans

General standards

In general, students who meet the following criteria will be eligible for credit:

Become a citizen of Pakistan.

A minimum 50% (or equivalent) rating in the last public examination (ie outside entrance exams, such as GMAT, SAT, LMAT, etc.). This must be confirmed in writing by LUMS.
Must be a valid entry and accepted at LUMS. Final approval approval must be provi ded in writing by LUMS.

Maximum 80:20 only for admission, enrollment, tuition, on-campus accommodationand other part/major/item prepaid by the student at LUMS.

Also, the loan will not cover any amount that will be paid back to the student later.

Loan amount

Maximum 1

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