Easy Student Loans in Pakistan

Easy Student Loans in Pakistan

Easy student loans for those seeking higher education in Pakistan and can provide them with much needed support to pursue professional degrees from recognized local and international educational institutions. Student loans are offered by the government, private organizations, nonprofits, and loan or financing agencies.

These loans help students who do not have the financial resources to complete their education and are popular with students from developed countries including the US, UK, Australia and Germany. However, these student loans have strict criteria, including interest rates of over 6% in several countries, including the UK.


The concept of student or education loan is also gaining popularity in Pakistan, where financial aid is given to students to help them pursue their education both at home and abroad. If you are a deserving student and cannot afford to pay for your education, this article can give you an overview of the top five organizations that can sponsor your dream of pursuing higher education:

Ehsan Guven

Student Loans Ehsan Trust in Pakistan reaches out to help the poor and needy, encouraging others to contribute to the development of the low-income segment for the socio-economic well-being of the country. The aim of this organization is to raise the living standards of the neglected and oppressed segments of society by developing a sustainable system that can help to share resources equally. The organization works in the fields of rural development, education, skills development, community services, orphan care and emergency relief for people affected by natural disasters.

The Ehsan Trust offers the Ehsan Trust Higher Education Financial Assistance Program to needy and deserving students. These student loans are awarded on a ‘need-for-merit’ basis and the loan amount depends on the individual needs of the student. The candidate is required to pay a nominal salary based on the monthly income of his parents/guardians during his/her education period. After the end of the study, the full and final repayment of the loan is determined, taking into account the monthly income of the applicant.

Al Hidmat Foundation

Student Loans in Pakistan Al Khidmat Foundation provides humanitarian services throughout Pakistan aiming to serve people without distinction of caste, creed, language or political affiliation. The organization works in seven main areas: community services, orphan care, disaster management, health services, education, clean water and compensation.

Al-Khidmat Muwakhat program provides interest-free micro-loans to poor and underprivileged students to pursue higher education or start their own businesses to improve their living standards. These programs are offered within the framework of Islamic “Karad Hasna” teachings and are interest-free loans that provide fair and equitable opportunities for needy and poor students to obtain a degree and meet their economic and social needs. This organization offers interest-free student loans up to 35,000/PKR, which the applicant is entitled to repay within the stipulated period.

Akhot Foundation

Akhot Foundation is one of the leading non-governmental organizations in the country. Akhut’s aim is to reduce poverty and maintain a cooperative social order to help the disadvantaged sections of society. The organization provides interest-free student loans to students and entrepreneurs to pursue their educational dreams and start their own businesses.

Akhot offers interest-free education loans ranging from 10-50 thousand to students with excellent academic performance and low income. These loans can be repaid by students or their parents in easy installments. After registration, Masters students can apply for these loans by paying a nominal application fee of Rs.200.

Vocational Education Foundation

Pakistan Student Loan Established in January 2009, the Professional Education Foundation aims to help underprivileged students fulfill their dreams of pursuing vocational education at Pakistan’s leading universities. PEF provides financial aid to undergraduate students in engineering, business management, medicine, computer science, and agriculture.

Ready for military education

Askari Bank offers Askari Education Loan to deserving and hardworking students who wish to study or are currently studying in YÖK recognized universities or institutions in Pakistan. This product is specifically designed to provide financial assistance to students covering program fees, boarding school, purchase of textbooks and other related expenses.

You can apply for a military education loan to provide the best education for your child’s growth and success.

Brief Information on the Student Loan Program

Principal Commercial Banks of Pakistan (NBP, HBL, UBL, MCB and ABL), Government of Pakistan, referring to the announcement made by the Federal Minister of Finance in his Budget Speech 2001-2002, under the programme, research scientist in Pakistan. Financial aid is provided in the form of interest-free loans to successful students who are financially challenged to continue their studies in technical and vocational education.

The program is managed by a high-level committee comprising the Deputy Governor of the State Bank of Pakistan, presidents of commercial banks and representatives from the Ministry of Finance of the Government of Pakistan.

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