Journal of Education and Learning

Journal of Education and Learning

Journal of Education and Learning (EduLearn) ISSN: 2089-9823, e-ISSN 2302-9277 is a multidisciplinary, peer-reviewed, open access international journal. Knowledge of the arts in the fields of education, training, development, pedagogy, pedagogical projects and innovations, learning methodologies and new technologies in teaching and learning. EduLearn welcomes research articles on all aspects of education and welcomes the publication of high-quality articles from scholars, educators, teachers, trainers, and other practitioners around the world.


American Journal of Education and Learning

Articles for publication in this journal are selected after rigorous peer review to ensure quality, originality, relevance, relevance and readability. The journal covers a variety of teaching and learning topics, including child development, curriculum, reading comprehension, educational philosophies, STEM education, instructional technology, technological education, inquiry-based learning, project-based learning, problem-based learning, etc. But not limited to them. . learning, simulation learning, teaching and learning approaches, learning management, language education research, teaching and learning at all levels of education and higher education institutions, education of special groups,

Gender and education, pedagogical theories, pedagogical research and methodology, educational psychology (emotional, social and cognitive learning process), e-learning, computer-assisted collaborative work, emerging technologies in education, educational software and serious games, management and development of e-content, general themes of teaching and learning, contributions to current debates on teacher education around the world, general or specific themes, etc. EduLearn, Institute of Advanced Engineering and Institute of Advanced Engineering and Science (IAES) and Universitas Ahmad Dahlan (UAD) by Intelektual Pustaka Media Utama (IPMU).

International Journal of Education and Learning

Education and Learning Journal (ELJour) is a journal published by the Department of Education, Faculty of Islamic Religions, University of Muslim Indonesia. ELJour is an open-access journal created to disseminate the latest information on education, training and other education-related topics: Islamic education, curricula and teaching methodology, contemporary issues. Education and training, teaching and learning development, teaching and learning technology, teaching and learning research, educational psychology, innovations in teaching and learning apprenticeship, management education, special education and vocational training.

These topics are covered in comprehensive scholarly essays, critical essays on current issues, development approaches, and book reviews on teaching and learning. The journal provides an innovative platform for researchers, students, practitioners, and educators to learn from and contribute to the field. All articles undergo an initial editorial screening followed by a rigorous double-blind peer review process before publication.

Journal of Education for Teaching

The Journal of Education for Teaching (JET) publishes original and important contributions to the field of teacher education. The journal, interpreting “teacher education” in its broadest sense, includes articles written by or about academic staff who research initial teacher education, continuing professional development and the contribution of higher education to education. Are responsible and accountable for a wide range of areas.

JET welcomes scholarly discussion of emerging issues in the field, including original and rigorous analyzes of policy and practice related to the preparation of individuals for work in education at all levels. JET publishes theoretical, conceptual, and qualitative or quantitative empirical studies, funded research projects, and review articles presented as critical assessments of abstract material.

There are three types of articles published in JET.

Large essays up to 6,000 words and short essays up to 1,000 words describing research practice or current research. The international dimension of the work presented must always

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