The difference between learning and teaching

The difference between learning and teaching

Learning is automatic, meaning we see things, observe and then learn something new through our daily experiences. Therefore, it is a continuous and lifelong process. Learning can be intentional or unintentional, conscious or unconscious, for better or worse.

On the other hand, the word “education” is interpreted differently by different people. For some it is synonymous with formal education, while others see it as lifelong learning. There are also people for whom education means acquiring knowledge, skills and attitudes.

Education refers to a formal conservative process that helps to develop skills, attitudes and other behavioral values ​​in the society to which the individual belongs, with the aim of gaining social competence and optimal development of the individual’s potential.

In this article, we will examine the difference between learning and teaching in detail.


definition of learning

Learning can be defined as a long-term change in behavior due to experience or practice. Therefore, any change in behavior that is only short-lived due to instinct or maturity, illness or fatigue cannot be called learning. The essence of learning here is “experience”. It helps the individual to adapt to the environment. Second, learning manifests itself in the behavior or activities of the unobservable person.

Learning features

It is behavior change that can be better or worse.
Change occurs due to practice or experience, but changes that result from growth or maturity are not called learning.
Behavior change should be permanent and should last for a long time.
It involves some kind of experience.
This is a universal process.
It is purposeful and goal oriented.
It has the ability to move from one state to another.

definition of education

Education refers to an objective, psychological and scientific process that results in the maximum development of the student. Not only that, it also leads to the maximum development of society to achieve the highest level of both happiness and well-being. Therefore, we can say that education is the development of the student according to the needs and demands of the society.

The main purpose of education is to ensure the mental development of the child.
It is a process in which the student’s knowledge, character and behaviors are shaped and shaped.
It affects the individual’s environment in a way that permanently changes the individual’s behavior and behavioral habits.

Education is a developmental process in which the individual gradually adapts to his or her physical, social and spiritual environment in various ways. In its broadest sense, education is something that has a positive impact on an individual’s mental, physical and psychological well-being.

Key Differences Between Learning and Teaching

You now have a full understanding of what learning is and what education is. Here is a comprehensive list of the differences between learning and teaching:

Learning is a process that results in relatively permanent changes in an individual’s behavior through education and experience. Education, on the other hand, is a systematic process of acquiring or imparting knowledge, develops basic reasoning and judgment skills and prepares the individual for an adult and lifestyle.
Learning is a natural or accidental process, meaning a person learns a lot every day and has no purpose. In contrast, education is intentional in the sense that one has a clear idea of ​​what one has learned by enrolling in a particular course or attending a particular institution.
Learning can take place with or without guidance. However, it is essential to have a guide, teacher or trainer in education.

Learning is driven by intrinsic motivation while education requires extrinsic motivation.
Learning is a process in which the learner associates new experience with old experience, holds and assimilates new ideas to organize their future actions. On the contrary, education can help make things happen.

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